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A day without achievement is a day wasted.

Lemac Group SA is a black owned business capital and investment holding company founded in 1999. It started its first operation by rendering business consulting and development services in all spheres. The full name of the organization is Lesetja Mapogo Chuene Group SA and trades as "Lemac Group SA", which is also registered as a short form of name (abbreviated).

Founded by a fervent, ambitious and highly motivated Previously Disadvantaged South African "Lesetja Mapogo Chuene", Lemac Group SA tapped into a market subjugated by colossal thespians that have been in the diligence for scores of years, but the disposition of the founder played a significant role in the diffusion of the market without trepidation of being vanquished.

With the number of years in the business consulting and development diligence, Lemac Group SA acquired so much gen of diverse business sectors. In the process, business mentorship and leadership skills of the most prestigious note were developed, of which they saw successful service to all our clients. Thus with the skills, Lemac Group SA has absolutely played significant roles in the successful development of many business in South Africa.

As a consequence, mainstays of loyalties were created with all the clients, and that has played noteworthy roles in all business decisions we have ever had to make. With this effect we say Lemac Group SA became the root of many successful businesses in South Africa which to date we pride ourselves with.

Our Mission and vision are driven and enthused by our motto "a day without achievement is a day wasted".
Therefore we strived to make each day a success; We achieved!

We build
On our mission to our vision of growth and job creation, intricate decisions had to be made, and diversification was the best decision we have ever made. Time and prospects confronted us to tap into other new and various sectors; thus for profits, job creation and to add value in the industries. Subsequently we founded other companies under the umbrella of Lemac Group SA.

We chose no sectors and put no limit to the number of companies we will build because we believed that we should put no barriers to growth of our asset, and that decision was conscious and very strategic.

Our portfolio and strategic partners provide business consulting services, business development services, corporate tax management, financial services, insurance services, funeral undertaking, travelling and tourism, international business relations and information technology.
With the sanctions of the founder and Executive Chairman, we are currently working diligently to establish our other companies which will render private charter services, maritime, air and sea transportation and international property investments.

We invest
As a Business Capital & Empowerment company we pursue investments in start-up, small and medium companies with potential of growth by providing financial investments and mentorship programmes throughout their initial stages of maturity to full development. In a certain instances we take operational control in order to ensure success and contribute strategically should we consider crucial.

We Partner
Lemac Group SA has partnered with various established companies on a range of projects in South Africa and internationally.

We achieve
We are proud to pronounce that over the years our portfolio and strategic partners we have exhibited significant growth.

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